BMW Teleservices.

With you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. BMW Teleservices is a collection of intuitive technology features standard across the BMW range that make your life as a BMW owner easy, from remembering to book a due service, to monitoring the health of your battery and even providing technical support if needed when you’re out on the road.

Automatic BMW Teleservice Call.

Through on-board sensors, your BMW knows when and what services it needs and sends the vehicle-related service data automatically to BMW. Your preferred BMW Centre can access and evaluate this data, and so effectively prepare for your car’s visit to the workshop - before contacting you to make an appointment. Having to remember when your BMW service is due becomes a thing of the past.

BMW Teleservice Breakdown Call.

Similarly, with the Teleservice Breakdown Call, should you ever require technical assistance, you can transmit data relating to the condition of your BMW directly to our Roadside Assistance team at the touch of a button so that they can diagnose the problem and send immediate assistance accordingly.

BMW Teleservice Battery Guard.

Once configured in the ConnectedDrive portal, Teleservice Battery Guard enables your BMW to notify you by text message should the charge of your vehicle battery drop to an alarmingly critically low level due to any electrical components being left on such as your parking or side lights. 

BMW Teleservice Update.

Teleservice Update allows you to conveniently download Bluetooth and multimedia player updates directly to your BMW, ensuring it is kept up-to-date and supports the latest devices.